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Pyramid Bracket in Yellow
Pyramid Bracket in Yellow
30 inch shelf mustard bright yellow shelving brackets, modular furniture for nomadic lifestyle
long 60” shelf for spacious room design, modular furniture for frequent movers
small 10 inch wood shelf, pyramid bracket shelving system, modular furniture for nomadic living

Pyramid Bracket in Yellow

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The pyramid bracket is a TORTUGA perennial. The yellow aluminum cover is powder coated with a matte finish. Mix and match colors and hardwoods to customize shelving for your style and space. This Pyramid Bracket set includes a steel bracket, a top spacer, powder-coated aluminum cover, and hardware. For installation, find a stud in your wall to optimize holding strength. 

6.6" height x 6.2" width x 6.1" depth (inches) 

Proudly produced in Xiamen, China. Created with precision by stamped metal experts. 

Anodized Aluminum is so strong that....

It is used as the protective layer for satellites in outer space.

Solid Hardwood is so durable that...

It is often used in flooring since it can last through decades of wear without denting or scratching.

Stainless Steel is so sustainable that...

Today, it is typically composed of more than 50% recycled metals. 

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