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Cosmos Dining

dine sustainably with recycled rubber

Side tables

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Contrast Table (small) - Mediterranean
Contrast Table (small) - Mediterranean
Contrast Table (small) - Caspian
Contrast Table (small) - Caspian
Contrast Table (small) - Pacific
Contrast Table (small) - Pacific

Pyramid Shelving


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A shelving system that grows with your book/tchotchke/crystal collection. The only constraint for this modular system is your wall space.

Cleverest Design Award, 2018

 They're friendly, serve as solid support for classic stories, and are just modular enough to blend quietly in one space and pop in another.

The brand is creating thoughtful, modular designs with the idea that they can move from home to home, office to office, and be bought in pieces and parts.

Bring it home, before it's yours.