Asian Tableware

Asian Tableware



    We celebrate the heritage and beauty of Asian home cooking with the Kaolin Collection of tableware designed by Farrah Sit. The collection is named for the silicate mineral kaolin clay used to make porcelain, which was innovated in China during the Tang Dynasty and prized for its luminous white color and durability.


    "With this collection, Farrah and I hope to communicate the love and nourishment that we personally feel when consuming Asian food." - Andrea (Founder)

    The Essential 5

    We envisioned sculptural pieces - a serve bowl, platter, rice bowl, sauce dish, and chopstick holder - that could serve the communal, family-style dining experience of an Asian meal. The Kaolin Collection is a modern take on Asian tableware with a minimal white and black palette that grounds the cuisine’s vibrant colors and bold umami flavors.

    Images by William Jess Laird

    Meet the designer
    Farrah Sit

    Farrah Sit is the founder of Light + Ladder. Her work supports small-batch manufacturing, craftspeople, and women-owned companies. The Kaolin Collection marks Farrah’s second collaboration with Tortuga Forma.

    Farrah grew up as an insider of restaurant culture. Her father Tom Sit is the owner of Eng’s, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in upstate NY.

    Portrait: Louisa & Fyodor