What makes us tortuga forma

Designer collaborations are at the heart of how Tortuga Forma participates in and supports the independent design community. Founder Andrea Hill has an art curatorial background, and her lifelong passion for working with artists drives the company’s collaborative design model. A frequent host and a happy homebody, Andrea believes that the things we love most are born from an alchemy of ultra-functional purpose, striking design, and emotional connection. Guided by this principle, she works closely with Tortuga's designers to develop products that will become lifelong companions in the home.

Making new things for this world is a hefty responsibility, so we utilize recycled, sustainably harvested, and ethical materials in the creation of Tortuga’s diverse line. Our production partners are masters of their craft known for their ingenuity and material expertise. For this reason, we produce across the world in China, US, Portugal, and Spain.

Our Collaborators


Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Contrast Tables

Ciszak Dalmas

Alberto Gobbino & Andrea Dalmas Caruso. Madrid, Spain.

Dumbo Bookends

Home Studios

Oliver Haslegrave. Brooklyn, New York. 

Wave Shelf

Shawn Maximo

Shawn Maximo. Toronto born, New York based.

Stacking Bench

Light + Ladder

Farrah Sit. Brooklyn, New York.

Platform Vessels

Studio Den Den

George Coffin & Jillian Wiedenmayer. Providence, RI.

Asterisk Candleholders

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