TORTUGA products are


Making new things for this world is a hefty responsibility, so we design pieces that are built to last - in colors and materials that you won’t easily tire of. We want our products to have a lasting home inside your home.


Flexibility has taken on new meaning in 2021. Furniture and home goods need to work harder for us today because home is everything. We are designing collections that simply do more.


Our homes needs to make us happy. Whether it's how our designs fit or stack together or assemble with a twist, we design thoughtfully to make home a little homier.

We work directly with

Talented designers.

We collaborate with accomplished designers around the globe who are as obsessed with materials as we are.  These collaborations are at the heart of how we participate in and support the independent design community.

Production partners.

From visiting factories to rigorous material testing, we oversee every part of production. By offering our products directly from factory to consumer, we can make high design at affordable prices.

Ethical materials.

Our materials are carefully vetted for sustainable sourcing. If there is a critical shortage of something, we won’t order it. If there is an environmental-friendly choice available, we will take it.

Design collaborations


Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ciszak Dalmas

Alberto Ciszak Gobbino & Andrea Dalmas Caruso. Madrid, Spain.

Home Studios

Oliver Haslegrave. Brooklyn, NY.  

Shawn Maximo

Shawn Maximo. Toronto born, New York based.

Light + Ladder

Farrah Sit. Brooklyn, NY. 

Coming Soon

How it all started

TORTUGA was founded in 2018 by Andrea Hill, the creative brand strategist behind Paloma Powers and CultureTM.  Throughout her career, she has brought the ideas of artists and designers to a broader audience.  TORTUGA carries this mission into the home interior.  The company is inspired by her family's business Hills Imports, which has operated for over 40 years in the home goods industry.